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tv   Fox 8 News at 4PM  FOX  November 15, 2016 4:00pm-5:00pm EST

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minutes. lancets to death for the murder of aa penn state student judge pittman death penalty today is one of three accused o killings nicholas massa killed during home invasion of his apartment in february , the oth two suspects have yet to be tried, they will be in court tomorrow. medina police arrest teenagers accused of vandalism, where they were linked may surprise you as matt wright has details, the damage estimated to be in thousands of dollars a combination of luck in good g place for fundamental vandalism they were tied to the crime
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>> idina menzel cleanup damage in one of the historic town hal on medina public square teenagers broke in a week ago spreading pain damage the interior. the rest of the teenagers saturday at the medina shopping center one of the teenagers was seen climbing the building found in an upstairs office the say they admitted to then engin house damaged and a jim brickma at the ai root candle company damaging candles and spray-painted a warehouse. >> there weren't very distinctive shoes during these incidents are, at the firehouse what they did damage with paint we noticed the shoes began
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sailor also tied to a fourth case of vandalism at a city own storage barn in april, interfacing breaking and entering in vandalism charges a well as trespassing police say they don't know the motive. i-team uncovered a break-in at a crime spree that led rta bus showers damaged ed gallek joins us. seven man, just indicted, for a crime spree in vandalism back in june, we showed you the rta bus shelters that were shatter downtown and into the suburbs, writers were left wondering wha might happen, now see prosecutors say that seven man have been indicted suspects range in age between 19 and 24 charges not just for the
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these charges, as westlake police report just in recent days several more businesses in vehicleso were shot at likely with slingshot or marbles,w muc bigger problem than you might fox 8 news g up on at 5:00 p.m. unusual weapon use in the crimes that just led to chargesnuus. it is a federal crime to make threats against the president's circle it is just as candidate, stacey frey has mor on the northeast ohio andre rec charge. >> he told the secret service h had been out earlier in the r ening drinking he got home and watched election results the tweeted the problem is what he did tweet or got just to
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pete metz posted them and then deleted them,, when questioned by federal agent for day after he knew that he had gone too fared the damage w done, the 24-year-old fairview park man is facing federal charges that could mean a five-year prison sentencef if convicted he will be back in court on thursday . fire at a poultry farm in ashland county, more than 20,00 chickens were killed in fire swept through a bond in nova township, it took hours for the courage to put out the flames a the mennonite kall tree farm. the chickens were killed and also thousands of eggs were destroyed,re they believe an electrical problem may be to blame. shots fired at an airport in oklahoma , lou maglio has a look
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>> will rogers airport in oklahoma city closed after a shooting in the terminal are searching for a second victim at her shots fired at the main airport earlier this afternoon. operations to and from the oklahoma city airport have been suspended until they can clear the area.rp responded to a victim they got reports of a second victim but so far not been able to find that victim place not released many details fire or if the man is in custody. were told they are unsure of when your portfolio companies flights destined for the airpor have been diverted and canceled. lebron james, is speaking out, it is becoming a november tradition in cleveland, this time he is notth annoyed with h teammates, it's that he's taken
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coaches in nba history assma jo telich is here to explain. lebron james and his business partners are not happy with how former bulls and lakers coach and currentn knicks president phil jackson described them in recent interview. take on lebron's lrmr team a posse and said that he knows that you like special treatment needs things his way. evangel's comments during an interview about his management style and how he is run in the, the 11 time champ and called lebron james decision to leave the miami to return to clevelan a slap in the faceve for heat president pat riley. both lebron james and his team took issue with those comments especially his business manager
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posse is a connotation of an armed group of men and they lebron james says he feels that the team as earned and deserves a certain level of respect. >> the success that we have had there's always someone that let you know how still we have far to go in america. i don't believe that phil jackson would use that same ter ifif he was doing business with someone else. working with another team or with anybody in sports. that was not after american and there wase a group of guys arou don't think you would call that group a posseou. >> lebron james says he has had zero relationship with jackson, and says he's hurt by that
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both maverick carter and rich paul haveve much of what they have done is carefully researched an acted upon. >> is there any kind of bad blood between phil jackson and lebron james to spark this?p i think it was coming from his comments that according to have pat riley was doing things in miami, and maybe his characterization that lebron jamesct got away with situations in miami. christopher ramos lebron james and his business partners have had a wide range of projectsra and they have been very successful but that . the hardware for dontcha pistil had come you has about two months until he takes over the white house, a the latest additions to the trump
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we will be warming up before we tumble in the temperature department looking out from avon lake. look at this shot, i noticed the high clouds is expected. tomorrow, just a blip loretta otherwise a major changes this weekendnd look at the thanksgiving for casper, currently 60 degree at hopkinsr and 57 degrees mansfield. it is at least five above normal. light south wind between five and 15.
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be near 70 at the end of the week.. going to watch for this funnel boundary injury stays to the north cannot real out a few raindrops predawn in early morning wednesday. that we look tomorrow, mostly cloudy maybe some bright spots in the afternoon and evening, on thursday,a appears to be mostly sunny to partly cloudy and it willny be a warm one core of th warmth estate will be on friday tonight low 40s, mostly cloudy initially, a few early warning g raindrops, mid- 50s tomorrow, and then start to get some sunshine in the afternoonon.
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70 degrees thursday and friday before it gets colder saturday, with precipitation. expecting heavier amounts in th snowbelt on sunday go dependent on factors, we will have some a least of minor acute relations
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and wizarding world of
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welcome to the quidditch premier league, qpl, it became a phenomenon, 20,000 people play it consisting of eight high-level players across united kingdom, a battle for the national championship, on trials begin i february and people all over th world are welcome to see that got what it takes, the games will beginom in may. live show is being created to combine classic rock with
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rockmania live, as dan springer shows us what it is all the new show, rockmania live is giving music fans at a concert experience by bringing classic rock albums to life, the rolling stones, but who come elton john, led zeppelin are no going to be around forever >> without that was going to happily stop? and we were that what if we could create a beatles love kind of experience for classic rock fans for their favorite albums ic >> there will be an orchestra onstage anywhere from 30 to 60 pieces and they will be enhance by rock band, and authentic roc band, that will travel with and will play the great rhythms and solos and occasionally during the show there will be a senior he do one of the songs
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music producers are the masterminds in the project are working on the first show to tour north america and europe. won the first we did was a led zeppelin becausew that musi is fantastic and we hear the power of led zeppelin and then the power of a symphony back it up into your those great parts and the melodies and just the percussions alone is something to watch it is stunning it jus really rocks. the first live shows are expected to take place next year
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forecasts and why have you grabbing staubach and snow shovels. >> it was, melissa myers is trying to figure out the crazy week aheada >> provides security for all of us. >> looking at these temperatures. sun cloud's trying to filter th
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sunny for much of the day program looking at a few showers to the north africa the clouds overnight will be skirted the northeast quadrant. scrimmage while on of the few raindrops wentnt vastly cloudy tonight, most of the area will be nothing about the dimora/russo the afternoon eating. ting. expecting
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the video shot by schneider 70 saw someone confront the office you want to see what was happening, this guy just jumped right in trying to fight the cop. >> in canton detective , darrell pearson seen or heard of the atop. the car keys backing up into the officer trend oneke at that point., i think that he showed great restraint to not fired hi
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to avoid a life-threatening situation. the driver, takes off without any shots fired,d, later arrested and accused shoplifter, various serious charges driven to start off minor and then escalates into a incident with seconds. all three suspects have been bumped into the stark county jail. began as a shoplifting case not clear what they were trying to steal samanthan. now though shoplifter charters are the least of the
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the city of lorain temple of the patrol and is being sued over excessive force.pp >> the suspect hit in the face of the flashlight while handcuffed in the back of a cruiser. the officer whose file shows consistently high performance reviews and last year he was recorded on dash-cam talking a company before hitting them i the face, it was ripe for conflict with the cues and accuser. >> are the the suspect, the backseat of the cruiser, the officer, who admitted to being upset, can see the throwing up on the door then hitting him. >> it's him on the face of the
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records, he is the ex-boyfriend of wallin who is the mother of the officer's boy.. said he stabbed a man who came running when he heard his ex-girlfriend screaming for help is now on trial for that allege assault, meanwhile, the officer was suspended ten days without pay for violating the departmen standard of conduct trailer meaning the chief and the city asking for an unspecified of compensatory and punitive damages, the this is an incident that happened a year agois one year later they filed the lawsuit.on will not be up to a jury to decide if he was truly wounded
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the donald trump transition team gathered today about the road to the white house. everybody is very busy the transition team is hard at work at about mike pence, they're making progress. comp has made some appointments, reince priebus as chief of staf and stephen bannan will be the supervisor other names were spotted at trump towers as they met behind closed doors and dr. janet was there along with mike pence, jeff sessions and others whose names have been rumored to fill some of the top positions.s. paul ryan said that in the days ahead, will be working closely with the
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out the path to the new year. >> we're on the scene page with our president-elect i talked to donald trump i spoke to mike pence were working to make sure that this is a successful administration ma and were going make sure that the voices were heard are acted upon, so very well-qualified people we've stepped up to blend their name for consideration for various positions. i think it hear from former members of the house and senate and former administrations, who think that in order to be considered for any of their skill set is right to solve the problems and that is a credit to mr. trump and flaky carries forth his campaign and that the team are entering into this transition.. they put together a blueprint for the first 200 days,y one of
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renegotiate nafta, the obama administration has vowed the next two monthswe aggressively defend and implement policies hoping to salvage what they can of h the legacy, prlicies that trump will likely change. the need to fill 4,000 positions, the top ranking positions. that ben carson says he will no take any composition is he does not feel best the best way to conserve the trump presidencyoe but he plans to be an advisor president obama makes its final overseas trip as presiden withes was increased today, talented workers support for
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by donald trump, he says that the us remains committed to the alliance he also address the us election says no surprise that ultra one, but also said that from tapped into americans fear abouthf globalization. >> time will now tell whether the prescription being offered, whether brexit or whether respect to the us election, end upe satisfying those people tha are fearful or an to be an interesting test. mr. obama's final international trip will also take into and peru are question about donald trump expected to dominater. the french president urging the united states to respect the paris agreement on climate change, donald trump has called climate change a hoax and has threatened to cancel the paris
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week's un climate change conference,' french waiter say they will hold a respectful dialogue with trumpss on climate change but also demand the us keep his promisei as well as 10 other countries signed the deal. building the dakota axis pipeline blasts the army corps of engineers decision on whethe or notot to debate work on the project went their considering whether to delay a decision for the pipelines across the missouri river reservoir in based on pure politics while th have done nothing but play othe worlds. the pipeline has sparked protestsd from native americans who claim that it threatens drinking water in cultural sites. google makes an effort to crack down on fake news on the internet,o i have similar bans sites with fake news from its a service, they say it will ban all publishersrs articles intended to mislead or deceive readers
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exchange through which they sel display ads to independent sites, they say if they moved t bandete weight-loss ads or drug promises. luxury cars usually when the motortrend car of the year, thi time it was the chevy volt,y the compact all electric, you can't actually byhe goes on sale at the end of the year, then it will sell for about $37,000 and you can drive 280 miles on a single charge motor trend says that the price and value has made it about every other electric car obsolete.
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from the discovery of a dog founda shot him stuck in an annual trap in lorain jennifer jordan joins us. is a life-saving surgery is put on hold, the golden retriever was scheduled to have his back and left leg amputated that they now say the procedure will happen sometime this evening,nohe they say that the is one of theth betterment of h health for he was brought to the center after a good samaritan found him near the lorain, sheffield lake mortar. not known exactly what happened he had no tags or microchip sho in his back leg causing an infection, which is why the invitation is needed, his left front leg was stuck in a trap so the total would also had be amputated, the staff says thata his age, still not known, as a long road but that he has been
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>> he is not offered to buy or even grumbled at us, he is happ to see us come he is a very nic og to help pay for the medical bills could a set of a go-fund-me account, a goal of raising $5,000 this afternoon they exceeded that goal with city $500 , now who donated to the health of this dog, the owners have not for, they say if they do not then they will have to put him
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local plumbing company does its part to help root out breas cancer,ro as hjack's plumbing a heatinga is as a check to the susan g. komen foundation for $5,000 they partnered withti havoc or supply in october to raise money to fight breast cancer, then it isis not just a worthy cause it is personal. >> we have a of employees, whos families have been impacted by this disease what we decide to do for octobe to donate a portion of all proceeds generated through our service calls whether plumbing or hvac, through the month of october,t the first year for the campaign that help to make this an annual event. how much would you pay for a chance at immortalityty? >> tomorrow night, at
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we get unprecedented access inside the company were dozens of bodies and brains are frozen and waiting for a cure , why people are paying to be suspended in time, with the goal of the revised one day, when a cure f the illness is discovered, the fox 8 news this was tomorrow night at 10:00 p.m.. indians fell just short of winning a world title,, night o manager could pick up a big honord we will be warmer than today before the bottom drops out tha will happen this weekend and th beginning of your thanksgiving
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jitters about 16, and looking
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you've got your airplane, this is a good day for the. lots of sunshine. sunset, which is just about 20 minutes away at 5:07 p.m. today we fell into the upper 30s and then up to the 60s currently about 50 of hopkins. the southwest wind transports the modern condition in our direction. saint louis city three and 71 degrees omaha. one day this week we may have 7 weekend before thanksgiving. lake funnel boundary to the north. it is fizzling as it gets close that could produce a few spot showers tomorrow morning throu middaymo parker and then in the afternoon evening before sunset
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the next front in our direction we have a major system saturday it will be much colder behind it that he builds almost 70 on friday before much cooler air infiltrates the great lakes region with some lake enhanced snow. thursday friday, the changes with falling temperatures saturday. some rain showers
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in the snowbelt some accumulations with authorities. that was the night it will be i the upper 40s . you may need some shovels in the snowbelt sunday and monday. the cavaliers trying to add to their 821 record, could the indus manager the collecting of the lordhe? john telich joins . >> the tenth game of the season for the cavaliersrs in the seco meeting between the two teams that were in the eastern
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continue their string of games withy ten or more three-pointer as they face the raptors at the q., demar derozan brings his eastern conference player of th week on to downtown cleveland, lebron james is oppressed and how the raptors are getting their airplane on the sheer. they're playing great ball, they're a very competent bunch of very good team. >> about 630 tonight we will know if terry francona will hav another award if he even has a trophy room. is up for the american league manager, competition is jeff banister and buck showalter,
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terry francona will win the award for the favorite in the national league is a joe maddon. >> corey kluber, a balance for the american cy young award wil be awarded this week. i think that corey kluber's changes are better than average think lots of times the catches wins and losses, one of those guys she's going up again as he tuned to inform record at the other statistics, weathe day strikeouts in other things, i think he has been as good a picture in the american league with the last three to four years as anybody.
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frustrated americans are. lots of negativity about size, peoplee are looking for waysl to express feelings, and that is the idea behind a wall of empathy,a has been set up a mass transit stations around sa francisco, people are encourag to write their feelings on note that stick it to the wall, is not you'd have to be about politics. al a more peaceful way to get out your thoughts. fixing a road is no easy task it takes planning and patient treatmentta taking something li this is not a big deal, you fin how long it took to fill this single you wonder why the city
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we have all hit a pothole, and complained to get them fixed but sometimes it takes forever. the next time you cannot get a functional fix thick about this massive sinkhole in a busy street in japan it was 100 feet wide, 90 feet long and 50 feet
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would take forever to fix? but road crews in a model of efficiency, fix the bottle, repay the street and only 48 ours. they worked round-the-clock to get the job done, it was filled with aboutne 20,000 cubi feet of sand and cement. i thought that this pothole
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two robberies in broad daylight in tremont on monday a peggy gallek reports. >> it was very scary, two peopl
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they were not injured but shaken. on monday, this peaceful street and. >> tremont changed when two people robbed at gunpoint, he told police he was a contractor working at home on west fifth when he was robbed , then moments later another 911 call came from the same straight. video says that she can your mondayy in moments after she go out of her car two teenagers
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the suspect tried to steal her car but they crashed into a part carb they then ran off, neighbors say that they are sho in onet i do not realize what was happening i heard a wall and screen and then ran downstairs this year ago, some people in the watch for each other many have security systems that they will review to see if they have vide of the robbery this is such a quiet neighborhood in this a tightknit community. incidents happen, but hopefully we'll get through thi and keep our good track record.


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